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If you are reading this page, you are likely somebody who knows me in the three-dimensional world and are using this as a vehicle to keep track of me (Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Carol! Hi David!) For those of you who are joining the Heidi blogging experience en media res, I should probably share my blogging manifesto with you--if you are not interested in that, we can return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

I sort of happened into travel blogging via travel journaling. When JoEllen (retired librarian friend) and I went to Paris, I wrote a rather lengthy daily journal detailing our exploits and adventures as a way to record these trips of a lifetime for posterity or Alzheimer's, whichever comes first. I even go so far as to print the daily entries out and paste them into the scrapbook for the trip. (Of course there's a travel scrapbook, and of course it is color-coordinated with the trip photo album. Yes, I'm retro and believe in actual albums with actual pictures printed on actual paper in them.) Anyway, I sent the daily journal to a couple of friends at work, who sent it to a couple more friends and so forth. Eventually, the emailing list got too big to manage on the fly, so I embraced the idea of a blog. (Plus, it feels much less pushy this way--you can read this at your leisure, or choose not to read it at all, and I'm okay with that. But you'll be missing out on the fun!)

Anyway, back to the manifesto of blogging: I aim to be a cross between Rick Steves and Dave Barry. Some days, the juices are flowing and I can make Dave look like an amateur. Other days, eh, it can be dry. (There may be a slight correlation between dryness and jet lag--not justifying, just explaining!) My mom always said that when I was a little kid and she'd ask me what I did at school that day, I would start with getting off the bus at school and end some time later with getting off the bus at home. Expect that here. As Count Rugen said in The Princess Bride, "This is for posterity."

A subsection of the blogging manifesto concerns my Wi-Fi policy. As in, I won't pay for it. (I'm an engineer. I'm cheap. It is what it is.) Fortunately for you, the river boat has FREE Wi-Fi. However, it is a boat, so if it's like last time, it can be a little spotty. Therefore, don't worry if the update is not posted punctually every day at 6:00 pm, don't worry that I'm dead. Somebody would have called you if I were. I'm just trying to get a signal. This will also have a direct impact on the uploading of pictures...some nights, there's just not enough juice. But fear not, little flock, for I will lovingly make an extensive Shutterfly gallery upon my return, and you will be cordially invited to view it at your leisure. And if you ask nicely, I might even live-narrate it for you.

By the way, Belgium and Holland are six hours ahead, so if you have an emergency and need to get in touch with me, please be considerate and have your emergency by 6:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

So, as they say in the Navy, welcome aboard!

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